Whatever happened to?


Hi all,

Have been wondering what happened to the following two interesting Microsoft projects that were reported on; were they shelved or could they return? They both seemed very worthwhile.

A Microsoft alternative to GarageBandhttps://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2006/04/3528/

(sure I saw this on Thurrott.com and newer than this but I’m struggling to find it; I assume it was abandoned. Given the percentage of Mac users that use little more than the built in software(!), to me a basic productivity suite like Apple has would benefit many. Movie Maker has morphed into Photos/Video Editor, basic Word/Excel/PowerPoint are available free in the browser at Outlook.com/Office.com, Paint is now Paint 3D, but Microsoft is still missing a music app)

Xbox games running direct on PChttps://www.thurrott.com/games/200140/microsofts-evolving-gaming-strategy-takes-a-giant-step-forward

(this appeared to be a major effort and rather exciting, so what’s happened in the last year?)


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