Whatever happened to?


Hi all,

Have been wondering what happened to the following two interesting Microsoft projects that were reported on; were they shelved or could they return? They both seemed very worthwhile.

A Microsoft alternative to GarageBandhttps://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2006/04/3528/

(sure I saw this on Thurrott.com and newer than this but I’m struggling to find it; I assume it was abandoned. Given the percentage of Mac users that use little more than the built in software(!), to me a basic productivity suite like Apple has would benefit many. Movie Maker has morphed into Photos/Video Editor, basic Word/Excel/PowerPoint are available free in the browser at Outlook.com/Office.com, Paint is now Paint 3D, but Microsoft is still missing a music app)

Xbox games running direct on PChttps://www.thurrott.com/games/200140/microsofts-evolving-gaming-strategy-takes-a-giant-step-forward

(this appeared to be a major effort and rather exciting, so what’s happened in the last year?)


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  1. Brad Sams

    Garage Band - that was called Groove Music Maker, it will never see the light of day unless someone leaks the poorly built alpha

    Games on PC - that's called GameCore and it is much easier to build a game that runs on your PC and Xbox series X thanks to DX12U

  2. atimms

    Thanks Brad.

    I had thought part of the xbox thing, I'm sure I read it somewhere, was to bring the full Xbox Store to Windows so that both devices were using the very same thing and back end infrastructure. Obviously, developers would have to opt-in for the xbox games to be playable on PC, but there was an indication that they would like the majority. Perhaps the goals were reduced somewhat or MS realized that getting PC gamers away from Steam was just never going to happen, no matter what. Or maybe, it's still a long term goal?

    Quote from the article, although I thought I'd seen more. "The company is in the process of making the delivery mechanisms based on the Xbox infrastructure, appears to be making it possible to run Xbox games on the PC, and replacing the existing Store PC games infrastructure on that of what Xbox has built."

  3. atimms




  4. venuvedam

    XBOX Games running direct on PC - The direction seems to be towards X-Cloud. (Bundled with Game Pass Ultimate). Of course, this means, only the games supported on X-Cloud platform (Subset of Game Pass Ultimate catalogue) are playable on the PC.

  5. burbigo3

    I've never tried running xbox games on pc so I can't tell.

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