Why aren’t developers familiar with the new Microsoft Edge?


I realize there are developers out there that know about the new Microsoft Edge, but my experience is quite the opposite. I work in a software/web development group for a company, and I’m amazed that my peers aren’t familiar with the new Chromium-based Edge. We are very much a Microsoft shop (Visual Studio, O365, Azure, etc.), but I’m always having to explain to them that there’s new version of Edge, and that it’s not the same as what they know about legacy Edge or IE. (We all know devs hate them and use Chrome as the standard.) I explain to them that the new Edge is based on Chromium – so it’s basically the same as Chrome but without the Google bits, and that the developer tools is even the same or better with Visual Studio. They say “cool” but don’t even bother to check it out, and continue to use Chrome for their development and debugging. Even my friend, who works for a different company, had the same reaction. Now, I wouldn’t expect regular users to know the difference, but web developers…come on. I understand old habits are hard to change, but it seems like they should at least know about the new Edge and what it is. Am I expecting too much of them? Anyone else have a similar experience?

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