Windows 10 Insider Builds: what’s your biggest annoyance?


For me since Build 17666 I’ve had to use Powershell commands to be able to launch the MSFT Store app. Many threads in Feedback about this, and I’ve upvoted a few.

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  1. NoFlames

    There surely must be a fix for this? I haven't personally had that problem, but I try to jump on the insider build close to the end of the dev cycle when they are done with features and deep into bug fix mode.

    My biggest complaint is when they break things that seem obvious like what you mentioned. But normally they fix it in the next build if it's critical.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to NoFlames:

      Many of the Feedback complaints about this go back a year. I'd guess this is specific to systems with specific and unusual configurations. In my case, a VM (I'd never run Insider Builds outside a VM) with a 40GB VHD plus a 32GB VHD it shares with other Windows VMs on which I put all my portable software.

      • NoFlames

        In reply to hrlngrv: Now that you mention it running in a VM that does ring a bell. I've had Windows Server VM running on Hyper-V server where Windows update wouldn't work and could never figure it out. Other Windows Server VM's didn't have the problem. So it sounds like something like that for you but with the store.

  2. lordbaal1

    My biggest annoyance, I use the mail app, and every new update, it resets my signature to sent from Windows 10.

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