Windows 11 / Edge Newsfeed

I have to suffer through this madness at work, but I refuse to in my personal life. The newsfeed in the widgets pane (more like pain) is just so gross and sickening. That, combined with what Edge has become has turned me off of the platform.

First I had the iPhone. Then I got an Apple Watch. Then some Airpods. Then an iPad. I have been resisting moving to the Mac for so long because it seems like a lot to learn and a lot of efficiencies and muscle memory to throw away, but I just can’t take Microsoft anymore.

I used to love the company. I had a Zune. I had a Home Media PC. I used Vista.

Whoever dreamed up that news feed should be ashamed of themselves. I would have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror knowing I was responsible for that. How desperate is Microsoft to make money?

I would love for someone to sit a Microsoft exec in a use, have them open that, and then have them justify its existence or explain how it benefits the user. It’s unjustifiable and tacky. It’s filled with such bottom barrel trash.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I just needed to vent.


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