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  1. Hello folks just to give my personal experience with W11 maybe will help other people that have same type of system that I have to decide if they want to give it a try. Not trying to start some flame war. I did an upgrade, granted normally I prefer the clean install. Also, my system is not in the officially supported list (i7 7th Gen), the rest of the requirements are met. 16 GB RAM and RTX 2060. NVMe disk primary and some SSD and HDD for storage.

Back to the topic, I don’t mind the start button in the middle I think is great for wide screens. Now I hate the layout of the new menu. I think is counter productive to hit the all apps to show the list of applications I will probably preferred to be at the bottom of the menu that option rather than on the top, granted that you can just start typing the name of the application and will show up, but sometimes I guess I’m getting older, is like more easy to have a visual reference of the applications.

Wanted to give a try to the auto HDR option and I think overall was better than the current implementation of HDR on W10, still some caveats, especially on games that are not HDR the system was trying to add HDR on it, so I ended up disabling as I have on W10 and enable on applications I know works fine with it.

I had some glitches for some reason on my system the overall performance was sluggish. In games the systems just temporarily freeze for a few seconds and then continued fine, and that happened on every game. Same on the desktop and routine use the system from time to time stop responding and resumed and worked fine for a while. Like I said I know my system is not on the official supported list and this is still a preview version so I just hope that in the future at least for my type of system things will improve. At the end I rolled back to W10 for now, maybe in the future my experience will improve, and I will decide to fresh install to compare.


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  1. wright_is

    As I posted on another reply, this is an early public beta, so it isn't really surprising, when it is sluggish or hiccups occasionally.

  2. abrarey

    yup please ignore this post I though the first one didn't went thru.