Groove Music Pass


Last week I signed up for Groove Music because of the sale Brad pointed out, which was purchase one month at $9.99 and receive two 3-month passes. Basically get 7 months for the price of one. I am a Pandora Plus user but the lack of a family plan has always been a problem. Also the ability make user generated playlists interested me but most likely is not something I would actually use.

Well Groove hasn’t quite worked out for me and the way I use streaming music services. I will most likely need to stick with Pandora (although Spotify would probably work for me as well).

I laid out some issues that I had with the service in a previous post but at the end of the day the real deal breaker is that it doesn’t work with my Echoes or my Google Home.

With all that said I have two 3-month passes I will give out to members here (this should work whether or not you are a current subscriber). First come, first serve. I will send only give 1 code to 2 people, and will give out the codes via DM on twitter (so you will need a twitter account to receive it).

On a separate note I look forward to Thurrott implementing a direct message system so I can share information like this with a user privately.

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