Does anyone know if you can still redeem/convert Office 365 Personal to Home?



This topic came up 2 or 3 times in 2015. At the bottom of this message are a couple of Paul’s past “Tip” articles. (Warning: The system, which I guess is WordPress based, is replacing the links with large picture thumbnails linked to the articles.)

At one point, you could redeem/convert Office 365 Personal (O365P) codes to Office 365 Home (O365H) for $9.99. But later Microsoft started allowing one to redeem/convert 1-year O365P codes to 9 months of O365H.

I redeemed/converted a few 1-year O365P codes to 9 months of O365H in 2015 and early 2016, but I’ll soon need to again extend my O365H subscription.

Does anyone know if Microsoft is still allowing one to redeem/convert O365P codes for O365H?


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