Feb 2023, the end of Internet Explorer


I’ve just noticed that on the Microsoft Edge Enterprise download-site there is now a banner at-the-top advising that Internet Explorer “will be permanently disabled as part of the February 2023 Windows security update release scheduled for February 14, 2023”.

So from the January 2023 “Preview of” update, or the February 2023 mainstream update, the Internet Explorer app (but not the engine) will be removed from these editions of Windows 10 (matching Windows 11):

• Home

• Pro

• Pro for Workstations

• Education

• Enterprise

• IoT

Internet Explorer 11 will NOT be removed from:

• LTSC installs of Windows 10

• Any version of a Windows 10 edition listed-above that no-longer receives Windows Updates (e.g. 2004, 1909, 1903)

• Windows Server products

• Windows 8.1 or 7, where IE11 is installed

• Also, the “Internet Explorer Mode” feature in Microsoft Edge will continue to work

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