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I just spent over an hour trying to fix a Windows Activation issue. It appears that Microsoft is having another …. “Senior Moment.”

I think it’s time for Microsoft to just remove Windows Activation from their OS… It’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

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    Same here! Very frustrating, my Pro Machine is telling me it's a Home key, and Troubleshoot is saying to re-install Windows Home. I thought I was going crazy until I read this:

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    Same issue. Joy of joys.

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    Same here. In my case this is on a laptop I bought in 2015 that came with Windows 8 Home, but I purchased a Pro product key and upgraded it and everything has been fine until now.

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    We are seeing this on multiple PCs this morning. We run a computer repair shop in Canada.

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    Yup. I had some activation issues swapping some hardware a few weeks back and I thought it might be related to that and I just had enough so I Just plunked down another $200 bucks for nothing grrrrr.

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    The software QA dumpster fire continues.

    DRM is such a wonderful thing.

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    I got the October update and at some point my machine decided I only had a windows home licence not pro. Having spent time online with Microsoft I’m told I need to install 1803 as the version of 1809 I have hasn’t got the right core version or something.

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    according to this ZDNet article that came out several minutes ago, it looks like some of the Win10 activation problems have been resolved:

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    I was just able to activate using Change Product Key and putting in my Pro key, so yes, it does appear that the problem is fixed.

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    Same here. Saw this last night and thought I would wait it out. Read this morning that running the troubleshooter might help. I just ran the troubleshooter and it reactivated the license.

    About this 1809 update. I have 1809 (17763.55) installed since the 04. October 2018 with no issues or data loss. I wonder how widespread this problem really is.

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