Questions around the Adobe Flash Player Removal Tool (KB4577586)


So Microsoft have just released a tool to fully-remove Adobe Flash Player from Windows 8.x or 10 systems:

I’m a little confused what this update will actually do though, so if anyone is more clued-up and can answer any of these points I’d appreciate it:

Does this only remove the preinstalled (ActiveX) flash in Windows 8.x and 10 systems, or does it also remove the NPAPI version, used by Firefox?

Does it stop Flash from working inside Chromium browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, or will it only affect IE and legacy Edge (or any-other browser that relies on the ActiveX plug-in version)?

As Windows 7 is not mentioned as a supported platform for the update, then I’m guessing after Dec 31, 2020 that Flash content will continue to work inside IE11?

Has anyone heard if Adobe plans to do a remote-update after Dec 31, 2020 to remotely uninstall or disable their Flash Player, or is this purely left to the OS and browser makers only?


(Also, on a side-note: is the “Adobe Shockwave Player” also dying on the same date, and is “Adobe Air” still supported, as the last update for it was released in April of last-year…)

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