Why Can’t MS Create a Consistent UI?


Open File Explorer and take a moment to focus on what it looks like.

Now open Device Manager and compare the two layouts.

You may find other examples of out-dated UI design sprinkled throughout Windows 10, but Device Manager is the only one I can think of.

When I’m not at work earning a paycheck, I spend most of my free time at home, creating digital art in 3D. I use a home-built, Windows-based PC because the software I use requires hardware that isn’t compatible with Macs. Were that not the case, I could see myself switching because I am deeply envious of Mac users. They’re supported by a company who’s equally passionate about form and function.

Last night, I watched an OS Sierra tutorial, and could not stop thinking about how much I wish Windows looked like it. It is gorgeous, and consistent.

After watching a YouTube video of the Fluent session at this year’s Build, I rolled my eyes, facepalmed, and found myself watching Ubuntu videos again. Why doesn’t MS care enough to create a consistent, aesthetically pleasing design language and roll it out all at once?

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