Digital Game Pricing


So it is Christmas shopping season again and despite another year having passed, digital gaming has not become any more reasonable in terms of price.


In my house we have elected to go all digital as we have several XB1s and not shuttling discs back and forth is our best bet but that means we are always left out of holiday sale prices. Ex. Today Battlefield 1 for XB1 is $35 on Amazon for the disc and $59.99 for a digital copy. Not long ago target had a buy 2 get 1 free sale but once again was all disc based.


I know why they are scared of undercutting the physical copy price even though digital distribution should lower their costs (it is about keeping retailers happy) but I really wish the digital store would price match or even offer a trade in program (send us your unopened physical copy and we give you a digital code) but frankly I just don’t see it happening until physical copies die altogether, which couldn’t happen until the next generation at the earliest and honestly may never happen.

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