Xbox One questions


I have two questions.  For some backstory before I get to my questions.  I currently use an Xbox One for my multimedia downstairs.  My kids however like play on it, so therefore no TV if they play.  I sometimes use the streaming capabilities to allow them to use the PC upstairs and play games (which is pretty awesome).  The downside is that I have to use a splitter and switch the source on the downstairs TV which only allows me OTA channels with no Netflix or other streaming service, because Microsoft still hasn’t developed the ability to use the Xbox while someone streams on another device (please do this). 

 My first question is if I buy them an Xbox One for upstairs, is there a way to have the games purchased show up on that console, as they have been purchased on my account and the downstairs Xbox One is set as the home console.  

My second question is regarding parental controls.  I understand there is a function in Xbox which allows for limiting time for my kids.  I was wondering if Microsoft allows both Xbox and Windows 10 time constraints and log there activity within a single login, ie Microsoft account.  As I understand it, you have to set time constraints on Xbox only on Xbox and Windows 10 only under you Microsoft account.  Also activity logs are only present in Windows 10 parental controls.   Is there something I’m missing here?  Is there a more comprehensive way to do this?

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