Scheduled Maintenance


Just curious, there seems to be a lot of ‘scheduled’ maintenance on the site lately. Can we expect to login some day and find all the annoying little issues (don’t make me list them) have passed into the bit bucket of history?

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  1. pecosbob04

    When posting this thread after navigating the Captcha and hitting the post button a 'Whoops' message appears telling you the URL does not exist but obviously after time for moderation it does appear. Error or strange way to say "Waiting on moderation?"

    • dftf

      Every time a new forum post is made here you'll see "Whoops! We can't find that page", yes. Give it a day or two though and your post will then appear

  2. wright_is

    Paul announced a couple of weeks back that they have finally finished the overhaul of the Petri site and now Thurrott is the centre of attention. They seem to be working through some of the bugs I reported over the last couple of years and I presume it will also get a visual overhaul.

  3. j5

    I can't wait. I didn't renew my premium membership because honestly the site in it's current state isn't worth it. I really enjoy Paul's articles, the site members, the site if part of my keeping up with the news routine but the forums are....well we all know, there aren't any modern website features, and support it poor. I just got a blue whale email about closing my ticket that I put in almost a year ago about not receiving the premium newsletter, that they never fixed. So I was paying for premium and not even getting the newsletter. I understand that this isn't Paul's doing, it's Petri's responsibility. But I just can't justify paying $50 bucks right now to just read op-ed articles.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    Sorry for the delay, I had expected someone with an understanding of the backend site stuff to respond to this.

    I report this outage every day, etc. Should be fixed soon is the word.

    With regards to forum moderation, again, sorry. The way this is supposed to work is that we implemented a system that requires moderation to prevent spam. But if a user's forum post is approved, that person should be able to then just post normally. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, and I pretty much have to moderate every forum post from what I can tell. Fixing THAT is at the top of my to-do list for the team, and now that the Petri work is mostly done I'm hoping that will be done quickly.

    • j5

      Appreciate you taking the time to reply with such a though explanation.