ATTN: What Category Tags Should We Add?


Now that our forums are live, we know that we should add more category tags…what tags should we add to the site to make sorting the content in the forum easier.

Please use this thread to add the categories that we need to add, thanks!

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5 responses to “ATTN: What Category Tags Should We Add?”

  1. 193

    Events (ex: Ignite, build, etc)

    Tips and Tricks?

    Maybe these are more categories than tags.

  2. 132

    How about tags for Xbox, windows 10, Windows Server.

  3. 4787

    I'm sure Paul would love to see tags like debian, ubuntu, fedora, openSUSE, etc. added just to make sure he's fair and balanced.  lol

    But seriously... productivity, entertainment, gaming... things of that nature.

  4. 5695

    Align tags with Paul's Windows 10 Field Guide TOC and first level index items.

  5. 49

    Good feedback everyone, thanks!