Site logon issue


If I access the site, while not logged on, and click on a Premium post, I’m then asked to logon. However, when I do logon, I’m taken to my profile page, rather than the article I clicked on.

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  1. rnp

    Happens to me also.

  2. infloop

    It appears to be a temporary thing. I was told in an email response that they were having issues with the login popup via the link on the top right. While they work on the fix, they've switched the link to go to the My Account page.

  3. RoHo

    This a real PIA. I paid for a premium subscription but get an ad blocker page to start up with. This treatment is not acceptable for supposed premium service. Then when I logon your site goes to my profile. Please fix this mess. Who's running this site? It seems like attention to details is lacking.

    • Tim

      In reply to RoHo:

      The experience you're referring to was a temporary workaround while we fixed a separate issue. Without that workaround, you wouldn't have been able to log in on mobile. The fix was pushed up yesterday, if you're still having issues I'd suggest clearing your cache.

      You won't see the ad block interstitial if you're:

      1.) Logged in

      2.) Not running an ad blocker

  4. Bob Shutts

    I've had trouble posting on the Short Takes thread.