Mini-Display port audio issue


I’ve purchased a mini-display to HDMI cable recently for my Surface Pro 3, running the latest insider build . Although it handles video perfectly, it is experiencing an audio issue that I cannot resolve.

Audio will only play for 10 minutes, down to 1 second on occasions. When it stops playing, the only way to resolve, temporarily, is to switch audio output to speakers then back again to the display. However, this resolution only lasts for seconds, at best. I have tried uninstall/reinstall the audio device in question; intel display audio; from device manager, removal/reinstallation of audio drivers, and even disabled/re-enabled the Trusted Platform Module in the UEFI.

Any advice on how I could resolve this issue would be appreciated.


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  1. jimchamplin

    Sounds like my constant annoyance trying to get Windows to work with the Intel HDMI audio in my Mac mini. No matter what version of the driver I used. The one supplied by Apple, the newest from Intel, the one that ships with Windows 10, didn't matter... No audio out on the HDMI port. My solution was to nuke Windows and restore macOS.

    Why something as basic and common as the Intel HD 4000's audio out not working is simply pitiful.

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