Mixing RAM modules


I have four slots, two are filled with 8Gb DDR3 800Mhz modules, two are empty.

Can I put two 4Gb PC3-12800 in the other two slots please?

If I can is it important what slots which goes in?

I think quantity is more important than speed for my image processing.

Will I have a problem if I simply try it?

Thank you.

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  1. brianwall

    Sorry - Mobo is Asrock Z87M extreme4 Haswell with i7 4790k cpu

  2. wunderbar

    It *should* work, but they'll run at the slower common speed.

    You won't blow anything up if you try it, at worst the PC won't boot and you can take the ram out.

  3. codymesh

    should be fine

    I mean, the worst case scenario is that your computer beeps and doesn't turn on. That's it.

  4. Greg Green

    The manual says For dual channel configuration, you always need to install identical (the same brand, speed, size and chip-type) DDR3 DIMM pairs.

    That sounds like you’ll lose dual channel. That’s worth 5 to 10% memory speed.

  5. angusmatheson

    I have mixed modules and never had a problem booting the PC, but I hear that can happen. The biggest problem is that they all run at the speed of the slowest RAM. I always use old crappy salvaged stuff, but I hear that sometimes if the new RAM is a lot faster it is better to just put in the new stuff. Good luck! It is always fun messing with you PC.

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