Constant Surface Book 2 blue screens


Just bought a Surface Book 2 last Friday. Shortly after setting it up and installing all the latest updates it started random blue screening. It does it 2 or 3 times a day and I’m not even really using it. Most of the time it happens after it comes out of sleep and I just hit the windows key.

I read a reddit thread with some people saying they installed updates on the same day and now their Surface Books 2 are also blue screening. Does anyone here have a Surface Book 2 and are experiencing the same issue?

Still waiting on Microsoft to analyse the memory dump, but I’m leaning toward just returning it and getting something else.



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  1. simont

    The current theory is that one of the latest cumulative updates is causing the issue. If you have enough time, you can uninstall it before the machine crashes again.

  2. alfrew

    same problem … started after firmware and driver updates and latest cumulative update.

    Unable to get 1809 using Windows Update.

    Read simont item below … uninstalled cum update … will see if problem gone.

    Microsoft has yet to block the update for Surface Book 2 as was promised.