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I have a strange problem with a 4 years old MSI laptop and I was hoping that someone can help me out.

A few days ago, the computer froze during normal use and would not start again. I used the recovery software from MSI and I could restart the laptop which seems to run properly but it has 1511 installed. Until this point I don’t encounter any problem with the laptop in normal use, except the fact that the OS is very outdated so I can’t install proper drivers etc.

Windows update offers me to move up to 1903 for some reason. It was on 2004 before this happened. The update runs correctly but when the computer restarts it always freezes after a few seconds of use. It varies as in some cases is already frozen on the login screen. Soemtimes it allows me to enter my password but then freezes immediately after. I never made it through the initial setup procedure of 1903. I also tried to make a bootable usb stick with the latest version of W10 but exactly the same thing happens. It install correctly but then it freezes immediately before or immediately after the login screen.

What could cause such a behaviour and what could be the solution? Could it be a hardware problem? But if it is, why does the computer work correctly with 1511?

Thank you for any help.


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  1. phil_adcock

    This is strange. I've noticed in the most recent updates when I go to log in and enter my Pin it takes about 15-30 seconds before anything starts loading. My computer is then slow (I presume start up processes for about 2-3 minutes) I primarily use hibernation mode as this seems to be the quickest way to load in. I have a 2015 HP Laptop, I believe its along the Pavillion line but it's an Special edition computer so I'm not sure, just what I remember comparing it to in the past. After about 5 minutes of getting logged in though the computer works just fine, works just as expected.