I am a Luddite


Okay – I know I’m being a Luddite but I am going to say it anyway – even despite Paul’s disdain for those of us still in mourning – I really miss my Windows Phone. It just worked. I had no issues with contacts, messaging and email. Didn’t have to play around to get to work with Ford Sync. There even was a way to add Cortana as a contact so that in my car’s system I could say “Call Cortana” and basically do anything that Cortana was capable of.

Since then I have not been able to get either IOS or Android to even come close to this. I have to do really dumb stuff to even begin to try and vocally text – to the point I have just set my phone to say – “Sorry I am in the car and unavailable.”

I know it’s about the apps, but sometimes it’s also about the basic usability of the dang device and on this score Apple and Google have purposely made it as difficult as possible to use anybody else’s services – it’s “My way or the highway.”.

To be honest – I haven’t enjoyed using my phone since I made the switch from Windows Phone.

The truth of the matter is that engineering excellence has no correlation to market share. IOS and Android both suck. Period.

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