won’t allow me to sign-in in Edge, it thinks I’m spam


when I try to sign in, it says “CleanTalk. Spam protection

*** Forbidden. You submitted too quickly. You may try again in a few seconds. ***”

I’ve had to use Chrome to post this, please help

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  1. thea2_

    I've had this problem using RoboForm as well, no solution from site management. But if you manually input user/pswd you usually can get in.

  2. skborders

    I am signed in on Edge and am able to sign in with Edge on iOS

  3. skborders

    I sign in with edge on Windows and iOS and have no problem

  4. Paul Thurrott

    Seems like this isn't Edge but perhaps a plug-in?

  5. wright_is

    Working fine for me.

    But SpamTalk is a server-side anti-spam cloud service, so nothing added to the local PC / browser. Is it maybe something on the Thurrott side used to tackle spam?

  6. Bdsrev

    I tried it again and it said it thinks I'm a spambot.... I cleared everything and now I was able to sign-in...