Thurrott Forums aren’t working on Edge


Since your update I can no longer use Edge to create a post. This box that I am typing in now doesn’t appear on Edge. I had to go to Chrome to type this – yeah I know you guys like Chrome. I prefer Edge….

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  1. Brad Sams

    Flagged a dev, we are aware and working on the issue.

  2. alpensturm

    Yes, the forum is definitely not working on Edge, nor on IE 11, and has not been in a while!

  3. illuminated

    It is just one more proof that web is a pile of garbage. Now browser may not even show you content. No warning, no error, not even crappy formatted text. Browser just shows nothing. How is that even possible? Why forum page has to be such a giant pile of javascript?

  4. Tim

    We believe this is fixed now.

  5. JustDavid

    Working for me in Edge now as well. Thanks to all concerned for the great work.