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What happened to Thurrott now?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I'm posting relevant posts to the forums now instead.

    I hadn't updated it in over two months and was waiting to see if anyone even noticed. No one did, so I asked Nick to remove the block from the homepage.

    • christianwilson

      It looks cleaner. I liked Thurrott Now but what you are doing in the forums accomplishes the same thing. Also, it could be my imagination but I think there have been more reader comments on these stories since you shifted to the forums.

      • wright_is

        Yes, I looked at Thurrott now every now and then, but it changed so slowly, that I gradually looked less and less and there was no notification of a new post there - new posts I hadn't read weren't highlighted.

        The same is true of the forums, there is no highlighting or other indicators to show there are new posts I haven't read, but there is enough activity, that I regularly check the list for changed comment counts or new topics.

    • harmjr

      Glad its gone. Never really got it. But I like having the comments area at the top now.

  2. goodbar

    Now (no pun intended) that there's the extra vertical real estate, could we make the forums panel taller?