Questions for 6/3?


Questions for the podcast? Drop them here.

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  1. thejoefin

    2 questions,

    1. Any idea if new Windows APIs for 3rd party quick actions are in the future?
    2. Is Visual Studio AppCenter dead and is it going to be replaced?
  2. mattvfb

    Why do I keep getting a DDoS page every time I come to this site? Is everything ok?

  3. Migui

    Microsoft just launched surface laptop go 2, do you recommend it to a developer? I'm thinking about buying the 799$ version (I think is the most expensive one). Do you have Any other recommendations of laptops at the same price point?

  4. mrpki

    The Surface Laptop Go 2 is a an exciting topic this week and I was actually excited about getting one for summer travel. But it appears that it does not have Pluton. Is that because it is based on an Intel chipset and Intel does not support this security direction?

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