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I’ve posted several comments over the last few days that seem to have disappeared — most recently to the article, “New Windows 10 Feature Blocks Desktop Apps.” The comments initially showed up in the comment stream, but when I went back to the comment stream later my comments were gone. I also noticed that when I click on my username, it doesn’t take me to a list of my posts and comments like it used to. Clicking on my username doesn’t do anything. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Any comments/suggestions from the web team there?

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  1. Wizzwith

    Yes this started happening after the last site update a few weeks back. A few problems, probably all related - comments disappearing, time stamp 5 hours ahead, and in a couple cases I noticed replies being detached from the replied-to post. I had several of my posts disappear those first few days after the site update, but have not seen it happen again in the last few weeks. I emailed support and they replied initially but then didn't follow up further. Sounds like it's still not fully fixed.

  2. skane2600

    I had several of my comments disappear as well. I think they're just ignoring the issue.

  3. JudaZuk

    I have seen this as well, at least for me it seems to be happening when I (as a premium member) reply to a comment made by a non premium member

  4. robincapper

    Are you sure they 'disappeared' and weren't deleted? Suspect one of my comments, critical of a poor quality post but I wouldn't have thought offensive, was deleted and there was no notification of any kind. If still there I can't find it.

  5. hrlngrv

    This has happened to me 3 times so far today (18 Mar 2017) in standard comments for .