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So from my understanding the alpha signup discount is going to end soon. Do you know exactly when that will be? If so, I’d suggest posting it somewhere on the site so that those who are on the fence can make a decision before that offer is over.

Secondly, and sorry if these are stupid questions that have already been answered, but what tech content are you planning on covering and to what degree? (Feel free to answer with a link if it’s mentioned somewhere that I didn’t see).

Currently from what I’ve observed the main focus of the site is Microsoft products with the rare article about some other company’s tech, such as the iPhone 7 review. Are you planning on expanding the coverage somewhat more so that’s feasible to get the majority of tech news from this site? Or is the intention for people to get their more immediate daily tech news from other sites and come here for well thought out non-clickbaity articles? Will the First Ring Daily podcast be covering a wide enough variety of tech news that it could be used as my main source for tech news consumption?

I’ve enjoyed the quality content produced by everyone here, but am trying to figure out if I can justify the annual price for premium membership.

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