Front Page Layout Selection no longer Persistent


I’m using Waterfox for Linux.

The 3 buttons to the right of Recent Stories near the top of the front page of the site no longer change the layout persistently. If I select one of the non-default layouts, the layout changes. Then if I close my browser and relaunch it, the default layout appears again.

This isn’t a problem with Opera, Chrome or Firefox, only Waterfox. Since this appears to be specific to Waterfox, a fix may be needed in Waterfox. I’m asking where I should start looking to find the setting in order to report it to Waterfox.

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  1. Brad Sams

    In previous versions of Waterfox, did this work correctly? Meaning, could this be a problem with WaterFox and not the site?

    Either way, you can email [email protected]

  2. wright_is

    I haven't looked at the code, but is it possible that Waterfox is (now) deleting all cookies at the end of the session and is storing the layout preferences per browser in the cookie? As I say, just an off-the-cuff idea.