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This is more of a feature request than a support request.

Would it be possible to make it so that I get the Grammarly buttons on the input boxes in the comments section as well as the forums?

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  1. Tim

    Isn't Grammarly just a 3rd party plugin you install in your browser?

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to Tim:

      Yes. We shouldn't need to do anything to enable Grammarly support.

      • lvthunder

        In reply to paul-thurrott:

        There is something with the text fields at least with Firefox that Grammerly doesn't recognize it as a text input field.

      • jbinaz

        In reply to paul-thurrott:

        It is a plugin, and you shouldn't, but in "new" Edge (Canary and Dev) there's no Grammarly buttons that overlay the input box. Actually, I don't see it in Chrome either. Do you see the button and I am simply missing it? I have Grammarly enabled on all sites, but I've never gotten it to show up with new Edge, Chrome or Firefox, at least as far as I can recall. If I need to change something in the extension, let me know!

        Here's a link to what I see when creating my post.

        • Paul Thurrott

          In reply to jbinaz:

          No need to worry about something not working in a Canary of Dev version of a pre-release browser. I'm seeing issues with Grammarly there too. But we can't support that, obviously.

          • jbinaz

            In reply to paul-thurrott:

            But I'm not seeing it working in Chrome version 73, either (which I'm using right now). Or Firefox.

            Obviously, this is a "nice to have," and isn't a high-priority item, as my comments on aren't high on the list of things I need checked. I found it curious that it doesn't seem to be working in any browser. I thought I'd throw it out there in case it was a quick fix/easy win.

            Of course, if it is working for others in Chrome and/or Firefox, I'd be curious to know so I can see what I might have configured wrong.

  2. xperiencewindows

    Well uh, if you’re really concerned about your grammar on a consumer tech forum, just copy/paste what you want to write into their editor on grammarly’s website. Not much of a hassle in my opinion.

    Composing that sales pitch email to your client, yes, but that is different lol. Just my opinion.

    • jbinaz

      In reply to xperiencewindows:

      Of course it's not a high priority - web site comments aren't all that critical. I think part of it is that I'm technically curious why it doesn't seem to be working for me, regardless of browser. Is it something with the site? Something I have configured wrong in the extension? Something in the extension that keeps it from recognizing the text box?

  3. lwetzel

    Grammarly is a mess. it isn't working on any browser and there is no way to contact them about it. Attempts lead to more unhelpful diagnostic hints. Checked the facebook page and found numerous dissatisfied users complaining. There are people saying they even paid for the Premium but their services never changed. Mess, that doesn't seem to quite describe it.

    • jbinaz

      In reply to lwetzel:

      It isn't working on any browser? In what way? Are you specifically referring to on Because it's working for me on most sites ( being an exception). As a matter of fact, their office plugin has sometime recently picked up an update where it no longer renders the Ctrl-Z/undo feature in Work/Outlook unusable - it works just it should.

      I am genuinely curious and not being argumentative.

      • lwetzel

        In reply to jbinaz:

        It isn't working on in any browser. I finally figured out how to contact Grammarly support and have been working through each browser I have and so far none gives you a hint of Grammarly in a comment as you type. So none of the Edge browser, Chrome, Opera, Brave or Firefox will show Grammarly working in a comment box. I do see it working for instance on Facebook as you enter comments. Something about the way they do the comments on this site.

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