How to post stuff to Support Forum


If anyone understands how to post to the Forum please clue me in.  Tried to figure it out but having no luck. 

Would think it would be easier to do.

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    lwetzel Alpha Member #113 - 2 weeks ago

    So support posts are un-supported?


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    lwetzel Alpha Member #113 - 3 weeks ago

    By the way, as you may have figured out by now I can post here.  The point is try and put an image into it.

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      Tim - 3 weeks ago

      You'll want to use the "insert image" button in the editor as shown below.  We do not currently offer an image-upload/storge solution so you'll want to use something like



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      lwetzel Alpha Member #113 - 3 weeks ago

      Well that like brings up a Page Not Found. Did get a page when I typed it in.  Don't get the relevence here.   I have attempted to add the two different Forum screens here.  Just a bit confusing.

      Forum screen 1

      Forum Screen 2

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      lwetzel Alpha Member #113 - 3 weeks ago

      nope still don't get it.


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      RamblingGeek Alpha Member #1038 - 3 weeks ago

      Would be awesome to link to OneDrive/DropBox/Google Drive to pull in images.