Logging into Thurrot with social accounts


Suddenly the option to log in with social accounts has disappeared. I’m assuming this was done on purpose, but I’d like to voice my displeasure at it.

I know you had previously disabled the ability to create new thurrott accounts using social accounts, but allowed those with existing accounts to continue using that method.

Honestly I’d just like an explanation as to why such a significant change was made without telling anyone first.

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4 responses to “Logging into Thurrot with social accounts”

  1. Elindalyne

    Pretty sure they removed this months ago because bots were just using the OAUTH login to spam the forums... They definitely mentioned it in FRD more than once.

  2. wunderbar

    Ok, so 45 minutes later, I logged out and tried logging back in, and the social plugins are back, and I was able to log in with my google account.

    Just wanted to make sure I pointed that out since I did see this was resolved.