My Account was deleted somehow..


Currently working with Tim in Support to get this straightened out.

History – 2 year Premium member – I recently posted a link in the ‘spammer’ area of what I believed to be spam in the forums here at A few days later, My logon to the site is not working..

Tried to use the web interface to submit the problem, found that did not work. Tried to change password – not recognized..

Sent an Email to the ‘bugs’ or ‘help’ email here, and eventually got a reply from Tim, who is trying to help, but can not find any record of my username or email – premium account no less?

So today, I re-registered under the same credentials I used when I first started here – They work.. Thumbs up! Now to get the premium membership reinstated for the rest of my subscription…

I feel like I am in an episode of the ‘Twilight Zone’ where I disappear and there is no record or memory of me – but yet I exist and am still here – I can almost hear Rod Serling now as I begin to smell his cigarette……. (insert theme here…)

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  1. Brad Sams

    I took a quick look at your account and it looks like premium has been re-added, if this isn't the case - i will make sure it is done today.

    Apologies for this, not quite sure what happened here :(

    • travlinman

      In reply to brad-sams:

      Thank you Brad,

      It appears fixed.

      I have followed Paul on the old WinSuperSite and on here at I have much enjoyed reading your articles as Pauls. I like to say abreast of the latest and upcoming tech news.

      I appreciate the apples to apples - between the lines commentary on today's tech. (Even when Paul goes a little 'John C. Dvorak' on occasion in an article or a video.. :-)> )

      Thank you again - to Paul, Brad and the rest of your team to keep this site up and running.


      PS: The lighthearted banter in your videos are much enjoyed..

  2. Paul Thurrott

    Not sure what this post is for if you're working with Tim, since [email protected] is the only viable route for this kind of support in that Brad and I can't do anything about this.

    But ... yes, apologies. It's unclear what happened exactly. That said, we've had a massive issue with forum and comment spam in recent weeks, and we're being aggressive about removing spam. It's possible you got caught up in that, I guess. I do know that Tim is working on it.

    • hoomgar

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      You could have omitted that first paragraph Paul as this is one of your premium subscribers and he was only making conversation about the issue.  That comment could (and most likely was) taken as offensive and deflective.  It's your name on the site.  Who does what is actually irrelevant in this regard.  Tisk tisk...

  3. hoomgar

    In reply to skane2600:

    I feel ya trust me. Its the wording and the fact that members will do this. I know I might? I would be put off by the comment and taken it as snide. Not a big deal, just seems combative and unprofessional to me. Again, just my take on this I guess.

    • skane2600

      In reply to Hoomgar:

      Sorry I deleted my comment while you were apparently responding to it. I deleted it because I felt my point was undermined by the fact that a "Support" category exists within the Forum suggesting that it's an appropriate place to ask for support.

  4. gulshan059

    Is Microsoft going to Implement RCS support for Windows11/Your Phone?