My Account was deleted somehow..


Currently working with Tim in Support to get this straightened out.

History – 2 year Premium member – I recently posted a link in the ‘spammer’ area of what I believed to be spam in the forums here at A few days later, My logon to the site is not working..

Tried to use the web interface to submit the problem, found that did not work. Tried to change password – not recognized..

Sent an Email to the ‘bugs’ or ‘help’ email here, and eventually got a reply from Tim, who is trying to help, but can not find any record of my username or email – premium account no less?

So today, I re-registered under the same credentials I used when I first started here – They work.. Thumbs up! Now to get the premium membership reinstated for the rest of my subscription…

I feel like I am in an episode of the ‘Twilight Zone’ where I disappear and there is no record or memory of me – but yet I exist and am still here – I can almost hear Rod Serling now as I begin to smell his cigarette……. (insert theme here…)

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