Payment without credit card



I am from Germany, and I would like to buy a Thurrott Premium membership. However, I don´t have a Credit card, they are not as common in Germany as in the US. 

I do have a PayPal account. However, when I tried to buy the subscription for Thurrott Premium, I couldn´t because you need to have a credit card registered with PayPal. I only have my normal bank account conntected with PayPal. 

Is there any way to buy the subscription without a credit card, or are there maybe plans to add another method of payment? Its very frustrating for me, as I would like to pay for the Premium account, but I can´t. 

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  1. 49

    Can you email [email protected] and we can try to work with you to process the transaction. 


    Id typically try to help using the public channels but don't want to expose sensitive info  





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     Check your email!

  3. carl007

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