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So I’m starting to work with UWP apps, and I’m continuing to build my C# skills as I go but I’m hitting a wall here. I want to take input from two textboxes, and when a button is selected, provide the output.

The bog-standard C# would be…

static void Main(string[] args)


           Console.WriteLine(“Input 1”);

           string input1;

           input1 = Console.ReadLine();

           Console.WriteLine(“Input 2”);

           string input2;

           input2 = Console.ReadLine();

           Console.WriteLine(input1 + ” ” + input2);



I’m not sure what the best way to display the result in a UWP app would be. I originally thought that a message box would be right, but… Between trying to find documention on UWP message boxes, and just thinking more about it, I want it to appear in the window, and I’d like to use a TextBlock so that it simply appears, no border. But there’s scant little documenation on that as well.

So… how does one write to a UWP TextBlock?

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