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How can I permanently remove the cookie’s bar at the bottom on both mobile/desktop? Very annoying that it keeps coming back.

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  1. Lerch

    I cannot edit my posting as "The site is experiencing technical difficulties".

    Screenshot at

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to Lerch:

      Can you please clear your cache on your mobile device, we believe this has been fixed but does require a new cookie to be attached.

      • Lerch

        In reply to brad-sams:

        I have cleared the entire Edge history including cookies on my Android phone, restarted phone, resigned back into Thurrott Premium, and the problem is still there.

        Weirdly, my primary entry point to Thurrott articles is via Feedly and the cookies notice bar has persisted. Having now flushed the cookies AND browsed the Thurrott website by clicking random article links, the problem may have now disappeared. When I return to Feedly and open articles on Thurrott, the cookies bar is no longer showing.

        This is only an "on the spot" test and I will continue to evaluate over time. If the problem persists, I'll repost an update.

  2. Brad Sams

    I have let the dev know, thanks.

  3. Lordbaal

    Blame the EU for the cookie policy. If it doesn't show up on a site someone visits, the EU will fine them.

    But these sites shouldn't show it on non EU sites.

  4. DKRowe

    and when you click on the link in the bar to "Find out more about our cookie policy here" you get another bar on that page...

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