Renewal Email


Much to my surprise I just received a renewal offer email for my membership, despite it already being renewed a few weeks ago as a part of the whole “whoops processing” kerfuffle.

In checking my membership (to confirm that I did not renew) I see that my renewal date matches up with when I signed up, not when premium started last year.

So can you check the process that is sending those emails, and the one for renewal dates? Not sure that things are all that accurate there.

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  1. RSAtkinson

    Same here. Renewed weeks ago and got the email. Stuff happens.

  2. Brad Sams

    Can you please email [email protected] as that's the 'official' support channel (it creates a ticket for us so that we can track these issues).

  3. anchovylover

    Woke up, made a pot of herbal tea and fired up the laptop to find a renewal email from Same price as last year which comes to $58 Australian. I guess the Aussie dollar is better as last year it cost $64. In any event, I immediately resigned so you all have to put up with me until at least October 2018. Have a great weekend everybody. :)