Unable to Log In with Twitter account on new Edge browser


I’m not able to logon to Thurrott.com using the new Edge browser and Twitter. I’ve cleared cache, I’ve removed the “app link” on the Twitter side of things hoping that a fresh link would improve things but no go. When I land on the homepage or an article and click “Log In” in the upper right and click “Sign in with Twitter” it produces a number of Warnings and then doesn’t log me in. I’ve also disabled ad blockers, etc with no impact either. Could you offer any help? Known issue, workarounds, etc? Thanks. I’ve been having to open up premium articles in Chrome and its kind of annoying.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    It's an unsupported, pre-release browser. But if you would like technical help with thurrott.com, please email [email protected]

  2. Lauren Glenn

    I was having problems with Twitter and thurrott.com for a while now. Sometimes it would just refuse to work and now I get the same thing too..... But that's probably a Wordpress issue.....

    The solution seems easy.... just take out the log in from Twitter button.

    After the old issues with Twitter, I just created a native account and password with Thurrott.com and it hasn't failed since.


  3. Paul Thurrott

    No need for further discussion here. The only way this will get resolved is if you email [email protected] if you're having this (or any other) technical issue.