Why I have to use an ad blocker on Thurrott.com


At least one of the ads (wide, short, video ad located between Forums and Stay Connected along the rightside of the page) takes forever to load and makes the browser unstable and unresponsive as it loads.

Once loaded everything is fine as the video plays.

Then the worst part happens. When the ad refreshes it sometimes causes the entire page to refresh which throws out any post or reply I am making and takes me back to the top of the page.

It triggers a constant barage of loading notifications in the status bar. They only appear for a fraction of a second each.

Some of them are:





I first noticed this behavior in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. We disable third party cookies by enforced policy and that seems to be what causes the problematic ads to appear (if testing, you have to clear saved cookies as well as disabling them or the advertiser shows the normal ads and not the problematic ones) Incognito, inprivate, etc… views also get the problematic ads since cookies can’t work with those modes either.

Without the ad blocker Thurrott.com is essentially unusable so long as these ads are in place. The rest appear to be relatively well behaved and I’d be willing to turn off the blocker on Thurrott.com if it didn’t try to crash my browsers without it. This was the original reason I installed one in the first place.

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