Twitter on Windows 10


I use Tweetium because I prefer the layout but Twitter seriously limits the functionality of 3rd party apps. Twitter on the web, Twitter Lite and the W10 Twitter app all suffer the same issues in my eyes (layout sucks and doesn’t stream tweet AFAIK).

Looking for suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. SRLRacing

    Tweeten is my favorite. Its basically a branched version of the old Tweetdeck desktop app and is available through the store. It still suffers from some 3rd party app issues but its the best there is in my experience.

  2. Nic

    How about using Tweetdeck in Chrome, and using the Add To Desktop option to give it that more app like look and feel?

  3. jimchamplin

    Tweetium is top quality. My favorite on Windows 10

    ... fairly said, I hardly ever use Windows anymore...

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