Microsoft Store is Coming to Xbox One Too

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 6 Comments

Microsoft Store is Coming to Xbox One Too

It’s not just Windows 10: Microsoft is rebranding its Store experience on Xbox One as well.

We discovered last week that Microsoft was at least testing the Microsoft Store brand in Windows 10, the idea being that it would replace the Windows Store brand with Microsoft Store. As I noted at the time, this makes sense, as Microsoft’s many online and retail store brands are confusing to consumers.

But I also wondered aloud about Xbox.

“Will Microsoft kill the Xbox Store brand as well?” I wrote. “I hope so. This should all just be called Microsoft Store. And maybe this means we’ll see Microsoft hardware and non-Store app software products in the Windows Store now too. Sorry, I mean, in the Microsoft Store. Which is, of course, the right name for this.”

This morning, having arrived home from my Orlando trip for Microsoft Ignite, I fired up my various PCs to update them to the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. And I also fired up my Xbox One S so that I could see whether there were any updates there, to the Xbox Insider Preview.

There were.

First, the Xbox Store has been renamed to Microsoft Store, as on Windows 10.

And second, though you don’t see the new Microsoft Store logo in the Guide image above, you do see it in the loading screen for Store (as shown at the top of the article). So I guess it’s official: Microsoft is doing the right thing, the logical thing, and using consistent branding for its Store experiences going forward.

Bravo to that.


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