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  • First Look: HP Spectre x360

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    HP’s stunning new Spectre x360 gives Windows fans reason to cheer: It’s a premium transforming, multi-touch Ultrabook that doesn’t ape the MacBook Air’s styling but does deliver stellar performance and battery life. Best of all, perhaps, the Spectre x360 won’t set you back the $2000+ that other premium Windows Ultrabooks currently demand: it starts at […]

    Lenovo Accepts My Clean PC Challenge

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    In a startling yet overdue announcement, Lenovo said today that it would no longer bundle crapware—for the most part—on any of its PCs. This is exactly what I asked Lenovo to do in the wake of the Superfish fiasco, and I am now calling on the other major PC makers to do the same. Yes, […]

    KAZAM Announces New Windows Phones and Tablets

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    A relative newcomer to the European mobile market, KAZAM got a jump on next week’s Mobile World Congress by pre-announcing some new Windows devices, including two Windows Phone handsets and three Windows 8.1 tablets. KAZAM was founded in May 2013 and began selling Android phones in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Poland. Today, it serves […]

    Raspberry Pi 2: First Steps

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    Earlier this month, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a major new version of its tiny single-board computer system for aspiring computer science enthusiasts. But this rendition of Raspberry Pi has much broader aspirations than the first generation devices and is in fact powerful enough to form the basis of a general purpose PC. Better still, […]

    First Look: WinBook TW700 Tablet

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    Look out, HP: there’s a new budget Windows tablet and town. And this one—the WinBook TW700 Tablet—has a few interesting advantages over the HP Stream 7. But I’ll need some more experience with it before I can declare a winner. If you’ve been following the budget Windows device space, the basics will sound familiar: Here’s […]

    What I Use: Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

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    While Miracast was once an unreliable solution for replicating a PC or device screen to an external display, Microsoft’s newer Miracast dongles—in particular the inexpensive Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter—change all that. And I now bring such a device with me on family trips so that we can all enjoy TV shows or movies together on […]

    Microsoft Band Review

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    Released just in time to deflate Apple’s presumed lead in the wearables market, Microsoft Band far exceeds the capabilities of most health and fitness devices. But it’s also a bit too complex, too bulky, and too incomplete to satisfy typical users. Unless you’re a health nut or someone who likes to micromanage technology, Microsoft Band […]

    First Look: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows

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    Navigating through Lenovo’s ever-growing lineup of laptops, Ultrabooks, detachable and 2-in-1 PCs, and tablets can be a chore. But while most of these devices are of course of excellent quality, every once in a while you come across a real gem. And while it’s still early, it appears that the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with […]

    Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 Review

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    Wireless charging has always been better in theory than reality, but Microsoft seeks to change all that with its latest wireless charger, the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903. This unique accessory offers a much bigger and error-free charging area, emits colorful notifications, and comes in fun colors. What’s not to like? The problem I had […]

    Nokia Lumia 930 Review

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    As I understand the schedule, the Nokia Lumia 930 is the last Lumia flagship to be released until Windows 10 hits the streets in the second half of 2015. As such, it will have a year-long reign atop the market for Windows Phone handsets. Which is fine: the Lumia 930 isn’t just the greatest Windows […]

    HP Stream 7 Review

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    HP hit a home run with its Stream 11 and Stream 13 laptops, so it’s no surprise that the PC maker is trying to extend this success with other product types. The HP Stream 7 is the firm’s entry-level tablet, and while it lacks the svelte form factor of competing mini-tablets, at less than $100, […]

    First Look: HP Stream Mini

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    At CES this month, HP announced a desktop-based version of its Stream laptops. Dubbed the HP Stream Mini, this new PC seeks to replicate the value and aesthetics of its more portable cousins. And based on this first peek, it appears that HP has done so successfully. Perhaps not surprisingly, where the Stream laptops compete […]

    Lumia 930 (source: Microsoft)

    What I Use: Nokia Lumia 930

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    With no new Lumia flagship on the horizon, I took a $400 hit recently and purchased an unlocked international version of the Lumia 930. I did so with open eyes, knowing that this device would never run on any US-based LTE networks. But I couldn’t be happier: the Lumia 930 is exactly what I was […]

    HP Envy x2 Detachable PC

    First Look: HP Envy x2 Detachable PC

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    As you may know, I’m heading to Redmond, WA this week for Microsoft’s Windows 10 media event. When possible, I field test new devices when traveling for work, and on this trip I’ll be bringing along HP’s Envy x2 Detachable PC to see how it handles the demands of the road. Here’s a quick overview […]

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