Thurrott Live

KingNerdTheThird: Have you gusy ever met Meh?

KingNerdTheThird: Paul I am reading you Ask Paul and I liked your answer about keeping the windows mobile code base alive. Could you talk about that more a little bit?

KingNerdTheThird: laugh my day has been made thanks paul and brad

dnation70: why is there no talk about the workstation version of windows

KingNerdTheThird: Workstation version?

kherm: Good afternoon guys

jmeiii75: Good afternoon Gents

Brad Sams: helllllllllo

Hougaard: Why is Paul so blurry?

Jaxidian: I'm thankful that Paul is blurry wink

kherm: How about Philly?

Jaxidian: Curious: What gear do you two use for podcasts-on-the-go when you're not in your home studios?

Hougaard: Chris Cap confirmed om twitter that BUILD is coming in May..

Jaxidian: @Hougaard: Is there yet a general assumption (or statement) that it's from May 7 through May 9th or 10th?

david.thunderbird: Amiga 68000 no meltdown

Brad Sams: aha, excellent point

kherm: RIP Commodore

Brad Sams: Starting in 5 mins

aemond: Weather nerd

aemond: If you had Paul's body, your dream might come true. wink

microsoftfan: When you play a lot of golf, weather awareness is important.

dnation70: 24 here with sleet covered ground

Cdorf: Brad my father in law is a weather fan too-- he writes the record highs and lows and records those -- and they go back years

aemond: There is a crazy amount of diversity, gameplay wise, in PUBG. I have never seen a game that creates so much player stories. It's all organic but it's crazy. smile

aemond: (maybe GTA, but I hate GTA)

Cdorf: can you imagine how terrible Siri would be on the PC? Its bad enough on Apple's own stuff

stvbnsn: It's cutting across Ohio and up here in the NW we went from 1-3 to 2-4 sad

Jari Pennanen: I like this weather channel

Brad Sams: ty jari

david.thunderbird: wait till 2020 for new pc

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