Thurrott Live

cjhawkins3rd: You are on air.

Tina: Happy Haircut Paul!

cjhawkins3rd: We can see and hear you.

FERNANDEZC4: First time I am able to make it live! woohooo

Tina: Congrats! FERNANDEZC4 Welcome smile

Supergregnuma1: I wonder what the contribution of Xbox users and windows phones users are to their 330 million number given those users don't have another browser option

MarkG: Microsoft is looking to start up an Insiders Program for Edge I understand.

davidizadar: I received and accepted the invitation to become an Insider for Edge. I'm currently using it in parallel with Chrome and it is working correctly most of the time

davidizadar: It is different. According to them we will have direct access to Edge developers and we will receive new versions before other Insiders

davidizadar: Well, that sounds innovative

Brad Sams: Interesting, thanks for the info!

dell44223: Normally I would cringe at the thought of pre-built gaming desktops, but the HP ones are really nice. I still love picking my own hardware.

davidizadar: yes, today

MarkG: Yes, via email

ericbs: jabber

davidizadar: The mail came from my Office Insider account

Brad Sams: thx tina

Tina: smile

Rick: Umm didn't Paul complain about iOS builds being way buggy a few weeks ago?

Tina: I've got our ticket, Paul & Brad!

FERNANDEZC4: Looking forward to seeing you guys at IGNITE.

Tina: This is in a restaurant takeover this year

Tina: we will give details soon

jmeiii75: Looking forward to the video Brad. Can you get unicycles in this one?smile

davidizadar: It is amazing, they tried many times before doing it...

Tina: Mon - thurs are Premium access

Pramodh Mazumdar: i totally understand the ads part. please have a "crazylease turn off ur adblocker to visit site" blocker. I use adblocker for other sites. but dont want them enabled on ur sites. this alert helps me turn off otherwise i wont notice it

bgoodbody: Testing

Eric Jutrzenka: jabber

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