Thurrott Live

echew: opps

louda55: ditto

tremblaymax: Drinkin : sounds like a good plan

tremblaymax: Gonna get a maple syrup Whiskey this weekend wink

echew: i have a show title

echew: actually What the Ring is better

Brad Sams: anyone have anything they want us to talk about on the show?

TheJoeFin: Revist the health of Edge and if it is making good progress

Tim: Don't worry everyone. Tim is here to fix Brad's messups.

Tim: laugh

Tim: All better.

pass1001: brad, my question is do you want me to go to CES for you? lol

eeisner: oh god all the drones last year. SO glad I'm not going this year. 1 CES was enough

eeisner: try being their for every day of the show + 2 days of setup brad

eeisner: I was throwing up for days

pass1001: Paul, you jerk. lol. Paused my game

MoeJennings5: Paul is louder than Brad. Same for anybody else?

pass1001: stupid like a touch strip on a keyboard???? lol

pass1001: its prety cold on the east coast, i may want a note 7 to keep me worm

Rafael Rivera: Here's a note for you Brad: Kill Paul.

Paul Thurrott: lol

Brad Sams: hello, raf

Rafael Rivera: Let's see them one-up Sony on supporting all the 4K* games launching this Spring. Oh.

pass1001: Sony does

pass1001: sony bought gaikai

pass1001: cloud stream gaming

Paul Thurrott: Is there even a single PS4 game that actually plays at real 4K resolution?

MoeJennings5: The Friday before Thanksgiving? Yeah, I had the flu that day and I couldn't do anything..

Rafael Rivera: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one of many 4K* titles. laugh

MoeJennings5: Does Outlook website run poorly for you? My new messages don't always show up in a timely manor

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