Thurrott Live

jmeiii75: Hmm

kherm: Paul, Tommy Maitland from the new Gong Show is Mike Myers

jmeiii75: Buh, bye

jmeiii75: Afternoon, guys

jmeiii75: Looks like Paul got internet?

Conn200: Weed...

PhillyUrbs: Gas?

jmeiii75: A vessel for churning butter?

Conn200: Amish weed...

PhillyUrbs: @Paul go buy some fireworks before you get your PA license. Laws are stupid here and you can only buy them as a non-resident.

George A. Roberts IV: So why Penn? Did you get sick of Dedham?

jmeiii75: DAAS

HenryV: Paul will be a pallbearer at Brads funeral so Paul can let Brad down one last time

Gardner: George, theres a forum post about that in general discussion, titled :The Thurrotts are moving to Pennsylvania"

jmeiii75: Microsoft is really bad at taking our money

david.thunderbird: Is brad in new england?

jmeiii75: Ohio

Gardner: is the plural of that "Xbox onesies" ?

jmeiii75: Paul's slumming it with cable internet

Gardner: Famous last words "it will be so simple"

Gardner: So many splits should have significant signal loss if there are no amos

Gardner: *amps

kherm: Welcome to the Philly area Paul!

the_zeni: Whats wrong with cable internet? I find DOCSIS3 to be a fairly good standard with high speeds

Gardner: Paul is so tempting fate

Conn200: Hey.. That's where I'm at

George A. Roberts IV: Thanks Gardner

jmeiii75: Toodles

Gardner: you are welcome george

MacNala: I have never gotten Thurrott Live to work. When is it on air and how do you view it?

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