Thurrott Live

louda55: both of you are echoing

louda55: at least on my end

wunderbar: Happy Friday! Glad to see Brad and Paul seem to be having the same type of day that I am.

wunderbar: No echo here for me.

louda55: ill refresh and see what happens

Brad Sams: check to see if you have a second tab open with the stream

louda55: did arefresh. no echo until the video appears. dont have another window open

louda55: ok, its gone now

louda55: i did have another window open. it was the homepage for

louda55: i can try and duplicate if you like

Tim: The stream does play on the homepage

louda55: k. thats it! thank you. stupid me

louda55: had alot of tabs open smile

Tim: If it makes you feel better, i do the same thing about every week

mercblue281: what about a heavy duty switch to run xbox streaming?

louda55: thanks! i do feel better smile

louda55: its a feature!

mmcpher: bypass the FIOS router and use a faster one!

Tim: I'm too pretty to be on this show

wunderbar: So now that Thurrott Now is launched, when does Sams Now, which I assmume will be right above Thurrott Now, launch?

Tim: Many of the bugs on thurrott now were fixed just before the show went live

Tim: 70 and sunny in Boulder, boys.

mterrill68: Windows 8 used to let you snap 3 windows side by side on wide monitors.. I'd love to have this feature back for 21:9 monitors

louda55: 70 and sunny in st louis. time for a ride after the show

wunderbar: I do enjoy Beer Brad =D

mercblue281: refresh your pc is good - works great for those cheapo best buy pc's

mercblue281: takes FOREVER on those lowsy eMMC machines

samsabri: bye bb

wunderbar: That was actually fun. I usually listen to the podcast in the evening but on Fridays I think I'm going to have to tune in live more often when I'm able.

wunderbar: I rarely get to tune in to live recordings of podcasts

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