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dell44223: edge to edge OLED display... on a laptop...

dstrauss: Years ago Intel demonstrated a smart frame that was bezel-less when connected to keyboard but shrunk to 0.5" bezels when in tablet mode. That would work in the current Surface Book frame.


dell44223: Think about the leasing program for Surface devices though, if they just outright canceled the Surface division, that would cause a lot of confusion.

millerkl61: VuDu is on Xbox, isn't*t?

Hal9000: I was abused way too much!

jmeiii75: Good afternoon, Mr. Sams

jmeiii75: Yup

jmeiii75: Hello, guys

Tina: @Brad, Tim says quote "It's good that the public is aware"

Tina: OUCH!

Tina: @Stephanie, you are the only one the guys love

jmeiii75: Looks good to us.

Chris_Kez: Have we always gotten FRD alerts via email?

Chris_Kez: Need to set up an IFTTT recipe to get an SMS alert for this

Tina: @Chris_Kez (Yes, lately we've been sending email)

Tina: @Chris_Kez (Cool on alerts!)

Chris_Kez: Hi @Tina, great to meet you the other day!

Tina: You too, Chris!

Chris_Kez: You could "watch" the football game from the stands, and simultaneously display the TV feed and broadcast audio in an overlay window that would otherwise be blank space.

Chris_Kez: @Brad Sams, yep

Chris_Kez: What you want is a couple of fixed location 360 cameras so you can "sit" in different locations.

spullum: Glad to get the email and view live for once smile

Tina: Cool @spullum

Chris_Kez: Think of all the years we suffered through Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball

MarkG: Get a Dell 38" wide monitor smile

Chris_Kez: I thought Stardock made something for this

thespecificocean: I don't understand why more phones don't have the power button on the side of the phone with the built in fingerprint reader.

dnation70: i use netflix on my 52" samsung 4k tv

abev: just use whatsapp

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