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Joel G. J: wait... it's coming back?

Joel G. J: or did Clippy evolve into Cortana?

Joel G. J: or the lightbulb...

Joel G. J: lightbulb* search

eeisner: Steve Ballmer's Los Angeles Clippys? One day...

kherm: Clippy x Skype : Hey, are you going to pick that call up on your desktop or car? or phone? or web?

Joel G. J: I keep remember the dog clippy for the MS Greeting Card software

Joel G. J: remembering*

kherm: Microsoft Bob heavily featured that dog

eeisner: ive been going to vegas yearly since i was a kid. the strip is trying to be more family friendly these days...

Fusciacastle: Twitter live stream?

Joel G. J: \'\\'crazy\

Joel G. J: whoops... keyboard accident

SgtHundley: HELLO !!

SgtHundley: Paul doesn't look sick. It's a good sign smile

louda55: hello

louda55: love the gimbal

SgtHundley: an iPhone smile

louda55: smile

eeisner: latency is a huge huge deal breaker, and a shame...

louda55: its a work in progress, good on ya guys!

eeisner: definitely expensed a few nice dinners and cab rides i shouldn't have at ces last year. you're not alone brad!

nightmare99: Are any of those displayed Windows Holographic HMDs plugged in and working?

madthinus: BTW, opera Neon is awesome

madthinus: Experimental browser built in a year with better and more features than edge

GeekWithKids: I know I will be getting one for my boy's next birthday

eeisner: Gamevice... that with a remade Mario 64? oh my


Bryan75: Can we get Paul in that suit?

Brad Sams: oh, i would pay to see that

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