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Darekmeridian: Wow Andromeda Strain.. lol

Brad Sams: if you contract it, call your doctor

Darekmeridian: Awkward

swampmaster: Good music choice boys. Thanks for doing this and sharing. Respect,

Brad Sams: thanks for tuning in!

Brad Sams: skype fun...starting soon!

Tina: skype is never fun smile

stephmadrid: Its a lot of non-fun but the music is fun smile

Brad Sams: yeah paul cant hear any audio

Brad Sams: trying to fix this

jmeiii75: Hi folks

jmeiii75: Paul may actually prefer that...laugh-big

Tina: hey peeps. How is everyone doing today?

Derek Bowen: Paul wake up

stephmadrid: lol Brad

madthinus: Speak Paul

Derek Bowen: We can hear you Paul

madthinus: is headphones the playback device?

Brad Sams: yeah chrome doesnt handle webRTC that well

tjott: I'm here guys - lets get this shindig started!

jmeiii75: Going old school...

Brad Sams: making progress

cybrtitan: if you share office 365 via family you get a family calendar in outlook

Brad Sams: thanks everony!

Brad Sams: I'm only here for the music

PcGuy8088: Seems an old Lumin 830 refuses to take the last update that MS pushed out back in November

PcGuy8088: cumulative update for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, but some of the mobile users got error 0x8018830f when trying to install the update cry

Tom Warren: someone ask Raf if this will let you load on Android ROMs

Tourniquet: what version for mobile @PcGuy8088?

ErichK: Woof

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