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PcGuy8088: Ya you realize on how much stuff u have hidden away

kherm: Congrats on the move Paul! You'll be within 40 minutes of me!

joechang: Woo, I've never seen this live - first time live watcher, long time stalker here!

Rick: What happens to the show next Friday?

T182: Same.

wunderbar: are you going to ride a train or ferris wheel in the Netherlands?

T182: ferris train?

joechang: if you get high enough

wunderbar: the reaction from brad was perfect, and why I wanted to ask.

Tim: Tim is here. The party can start.

wunderbar: everyone quiet down and stop talking about Tim now.

Tim: I am not flying to Europe.

joechang: Paul will be the door

kherm: coming 2018

Tim: I sense that would be an expensive domain to acquire.

wunderbar: Mary Jo Foley will take over the Thurrott empire

joechang: do it in a bathroom cubicle at the airport

joechang: the podcast that is...

wunderbar: laugh-big

wunderbar: uh oh, someone's battery is about to die.

T182: did that say paul had 4 min left on the battery?

kherm: LOL

wunderbar: leave it to Paul

Tim: 1:58

Tim: 1:57

Tim: 1:56

PcGuy8088: initiate self destruct sequence

wunderbar: will Paul plug in the camera before it dies? tune in at 6 for the full story

PcGuy8088: total enslavement comes to mind

PcGuy8088: I guess I should fire up my insidder box then

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