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Chris_Kez: Still waiting for Surface 4. 10" with LTE

thefoggytrekker: If you don't own any of the mobile market, and with so many win7 boxes still out there UWP makes no sense for devs

Rob_Wade: Sure it makes sense. IF you're really moving full W32 strengths into truly universal apps.

Chris_Kez: It makes sense if they want UWP to grow

Rob_Wade: If everything you could do in W32 is capable in the UWP version, why stick with W32 at all?

mebby: Brad, you need to straighten out those clover leaves. please

Rob_Wade: The device that gets the most use in our home is my SP3 and wife's SP4. W10 and UWP touch support is horrible.

Rob_Wade: Even on my music/video studio PC, I use UWP apps at least 50% compared to legacy.

mebby: Rob, I agree the W10 on touch is worse than W8.1, but I still like it. And use UWP. My hope is that they improve the mobile experience.

Rob_Wade: I wish I could like W10 more. But the best things about W8 were completely killed.

Rob_Wade: I happen to be a big fan of the concept of pivot menus. I want to shoot people over the hamburger menus.

Rob_Wade: And all the wire-diagram icons? Whose idiotic idea was THAT?

Chris_Kez: I liked Pivots and Panorama

Rob_Wade: They make W10 more difficult to see/read with each update, it seams.

Rob_Wade: seems.

Rob_Wade: And try tapping on one of those icons. Taskbar included. Which is why I keep nothing ON the Taskbar.

mebby: They did make more useable with mouse...

Rob_Wade: In fact, I keep nothing on the desktop. If it can't go on the Start menu, it goes nowhere.

Rob_Wade: Even mouse use is horrible.

Rob_Wade: You know what they keep pushing, which REALLY angers me? Stupid keyboard shortcuts. SHORTCUTS, SHORTCUTS, SHORTCUTS!!! I'm not on flipping MS-DOS 6!!!!

Rob_Wade: Anyway, I wish MS would push out an update for W10M to fix the Store, at the very least.

eeisner: final four picks? college hoops all day/weekend

mebby: Thanks guys!

Chris_Kez: Bonvoyage Paul

Chris_Kez: Brad, don't die in a fire

Chris_Kez: I kid

Luka Radunovic:

Luka Radunovic: Why is MS. stopping Windows Update on Win7 for people running Ryzen and Kaby Lake...

Luka Radunovic: Win 7 and Win 8.1

Luka Radunovic: just not right

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