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Martin Pelletier: Does Word mobile still available on the store?

Martin Pelletier: There will be malware on the store smile

mmcpher: Cortana and Alexa go Fitbit

Cdorf: no brad no

Brad Sams: it's for the wife

Brad Sams: happy wife, happy life

louda55: got that right brad!

Brad Sams:

Cdorf: We were beginning to pilot Win 10 using CBB--- now we have to change our strategy

Jason Lakes: Just renewed my Alpha membership, thanks for the reminder, Brad!

Brad Sams: thank you!

Jason Lakes: Now, you need to convince Paul to haul his b**t to Cinci for a meetup. First round is on me!

Brad Sams: it will some point im sure

Cdorf: If they are set on this they need to speed up the feature update process... its too invasive for users-- my end users would freak

rwoods716: Placeholders

Hougaard: That's what the final version of Windows RT looked liked smile

louda55: video froze for a few seconds. happened a few time

zself: what matters is continuity -- from phone, to tablet, to pc... i think... and passwords.

zself: RoboForm is the best password manager EVAH for Windows peeps.

louda55: just happened again. froze aain

kherm: yeah

donsuhr: Awesome. Going live on YouTube means I can watch you two on the TV. smile

wunderbar: I am happier than I should be that the show is earlier because of Paul being in europe.

wunderbar: paul is right, that doesn't look blue at all

VirtualDanMan: Nope. No advertising anywhere about Groove.

Paul Thurrott: Wait. You do this without me?

GeekWithKids: Hey @Paul You have a Friday off and you still watch ?

Koshy: No Political Jokes Please

MrPKI: Will there be a standard blockchain accounting method like GAAP going forward globally?

MrPKI: Yikes!

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