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jr.flynn: I feel like all the components that got pushed past this release are ones that would have made it more 'creative-y'

jr.flynn: All browers except Edge.

jr.flynn: browsers* jeez my spelling is terrible today

jr.flynn: I love this format with a guest!

DrPizza: cheers.

Tim: Ello

jmeiii75: Good afternoon.

jmeiii75: Deviled eggs, Paul?

Omega Ra: Hello all

Omega Ra: deviled eggs are awesome

Omega Ra: The dating game

Omega Ra: pretty graphic

madthinus: Yikes

Omega Ra: That is my work day almost every day

Rafael Rivera: Will Microsoft offer their customization package to folks that don't order a S8 through Microsoft?

harmjr: I want to see how well Remote Desktop will work

harmjr: Remote Desktop on that S8

dnation70: i have a clock like that 150 yrs old

madthinus: Can we get Skype to sync first...

Vuppe: Such hostility.

MacNala: when do they start the live FRD

Brad Sams: 1pm et

Jason Lakes: I hea nothing, is it just me?

Jason Lakes: Yep, just me, I'm a moron

MrPKI: Is the MSFT patches coming in advance of ShadowBrokers tool dump a topic in today's First Ring Daily?zip-it

Rafael Rivera: Will Rich be at BUILD?

millerkl61: For Microsoft to compete in the mobile space they need a meaningful Continuum-type solution on the new Windows 10 on ARM perhaps?

Rafael Rivera: VMix? Vemix?

dnation70: guess ur having problems

dnation70: no video or sound

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