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jimchamplin: I think it's probably just YouTube being odd for me.

jr.flynn: Although Paul's audio level is higher than Brad's (for me)

PcGuy8088: I wonder if that was my comment this morning during Sam's report re MS not being hw company and whose main revenue is sw so less incentive to fix issue

jimchamplin: I'm hearing that too.

jr.flynn: It didn't go well because MS tried to enable a feature all other manf. turned off

Detective Polarphant: It's crazy that they had so many problems with the first four versions of Surface Pro, and when they finally got it right on the current version the sales didn't increase

jr.flynn: D.P. I know I was burned with my Surface Book1 and probably won't go back

jr.flynn: I love it now, but for 4 months it was a useless hot-bagging mess

jr.flynn: $1800 for a laptop that I couldn't use like a portable device was awful

PcGuy8088: Why is Brad's volume on his mic a lot lower than Paul's?

jr.flynn: PcGuy I have that issue too

jimchamplin: Because nothing ever works laugh

PcGuy8088: Jr.flynn ya noticed it yesterday in the show

jr.flynn: No Brady like extended kisses with your daughter Brad!

jr.flynn: Go Pats!

jr.flynn: See you all next week

jimchamplin: Have a good 'un y'all!

PcGuy8088: I wonder if Brad has turned that mic around. I think that those buttons on the mic itself may have to face away

Stewy13: No Mixer? silly

Stewy13: Both sound good. Brad has less bass compared to Paul

Stewy13: As my stats teacher said: there's lies, d**n lies, and stats.

Stewy13: Still live eh?

Stewy13: Ah, all good.

JaseCutler: Audio sounds good

JaseCutler: Brad, you are finally louder than Paul

PcGuy8088: Did you change the chat so on Windows it has to be opened in a new tab?

Brad Sams: i messed up the link for the chat

PcGuy8088: Oh oh run

PcGuy8088: Is that a well oiled table?

Detective Polarphant: Homepad

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