Bring Out Your Dead (Premium)


The reaction to the news this week that Microsoft is killing the ebook support in Edge and the Microsoft Store was fairly muted compared to previous retreats from consumer product and services. That makes some sense: Reading isn’t exactly a high-order activity on PC, and usage of this service was likely pretty low. Helping matters, Microsoft is also being generous to those who did---stupidly---buy and use its ebooks. Not only is it refunding all purchases, but it is even providing a $25 credit to those who actually annotated ebooks.

Put simply, Microsoft’s retreat from ebooks isn’t offensive. In fact, one might argue that just getting into ebooks---and doing so through a web browser---is the more offensive act. Pointless, even. Misguided. And nonsensical compared to other services which the software giant previously abandoned, like Groove Music Pass. Surely---surely---there is a much bigger market for music than there is for ebooks. Especially from a company whose customer base is largely relegated to PCs, not mobile devices.

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