Thurrott Daily: Greetings from NYC

Thurrott Daily: Greetings from NYC

I’m visiting New York City with my family this week and am taking a couple of days off. But there are a few things worth discussing from today.

2/18/2016 14:34:57 PM

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Now available: Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 firmware updates. Yes, those firmware updates

You thought it would never happen, but it did: Microsoft reports that it has fixed the worst (power management) bug dogging Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 users.

Today’s updates include a set of Microsoft and Intel driver and firmware updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 that will help you get the most of the power management options that Surface is designed to offer and continue to make your Surface more productive.

What’s missing here, of course, is an explanation. I was sort of expecting that, but if you check out Reassessing Microsoft Surface, that’s still the closest we’re ever gotten to understanding what did happen.

Anyway. Let’s hope this really fixes things.

Microsoft announces second generation Miracast dongle

As you may recall, Microsoft’s original Wireless Display Adapter is the best of the Miracast dongles. (Check out Rafael’s detailed analysis here.) But today, the firm announced a second version of the device.

Today, we are announcing the next generation of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. It brings the best features and functionality of the first generation while reducing the latency and packing it into a new form factor. It’s still just as easy to setup and use and also allows people to mirror or extend their screen from Miracast-enabled Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops, including the Surface lineup.

You can pre-order the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter now in the U.S. and Canada, and it will be available on March 1, 2016, for the estimated retail price of $49.95 at Microsoft Store, Best Buy and Amazon – it will be coming to future markets soon.

Yes, I’ll be reviewing it: I own two of the original version devices and always bring one on trips.

New experience is out of preview

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the new user experience, which has been in a very private and very quiet preview for many months. Well, that preview is coming to a close.

The new version of is now out of preview! Now we’re rolling out the new experience to users worldwide.

If you are currently using, you’ll get these upgrades soon. With the preview phase complete, we are rolling out the new experience to millions of users each week. You do not need to take any action to get the upgrade, and all your settings and data will be automatically transferred.

If you’re not an user yet, sign up today to get the new version in the North American region—and soon in other parts of the world.

The new is built on an Office 365-based infrastructure, so you get the benefits of an email service that millions of businesses, governments and schools around the world rely on every day. In today’s digital world, the security of your personal information is vital, and this move to a new platform gives your email and calendar data, enhanced security and reliability.

And no, I’m not seeing the new experience yet either. But be sure to check out Brad’s write-up for more info.

Windows 10 “Redstone” could bring multitouch and 2K screen support to Continuum for phones

Quoting from a translated German web site, MyCE reported today that the coming “Redstone” version of Windows 10 Mobile will offer some new Continuum improvements.

According to Winfuture Continuum will support touchscreen monitors, in addition to the current supported mouse and keyboard (and touchpad on the phone). Another much wanted new functionality is the support of higher resolution. Continuum should support 2K monitors after the Redstone update.

Also the performance of wireless transfers should be improved with more quality settings.

Continuum for phone is currently limited to 1080p.


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