The New Nokia 6 Comes to the U.S.

Posted on April 16, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 10 Comments

The New Nokia 6 Comes to the U.S.


Note: While trying to address a comment spam-related issue, we inadvertently deleted our live content database earlier today. So after recovering our site backup, I had to repost this article. Unfortunately, we lost any earlier comments to the original version. —Paul

HMD announced its new Nokia 6—sometimes called the Nokia 6.1—earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, promising a U.S. release in May. But it looks like that launch is happening a bit early, as you can now purchase the phone from Amazon or Walmart.

There’s no official announcement yet. But this looks like a solid, affordable mid-market phone with a premium design.

According to the Nokia website, the Nokia 6 features a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 630 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage with microSD expansion, and dual-SIM slots with all the connectivity options you’d expect sans CDMA (read: Verizon) compatibility. The cameras look decent, too, with a 16MP primary camera with dual-tone flash and a 8 MP selfie camera.

But this device is interesting for three reasons.

First is the price: It costs well under $300, a pittance compared to the $1000 price tags of today’s flagships.

Second is the design. It’s stunning, and it is built from a single block of aluminum. And it comes in three color choices: Black/Copper, White/Iron, and Blue/Gold.

Third is that HMD is using Android One, Google’s “signature PC for Android phones,” meaning that it ships with a clean Android image that is devoid of crapware.

So this is a real contender.

You can buy the new Nokia 6—not to be confused with last year’s original version, which was also sold in the U.S.—from ($269.99, affiliate link) or from Walmart ($276).

And thanks to the eagle-eyed bloggers at Android Police for seeing this first.


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