Microsoft Band is Getting Updates for Sharing, Cortana, and More

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Microsoft Band is Getting Updates for Sharing, Cortana, and More

Microsoft announced today that it has started rolling out updates to its Band wearables, with improvements to the sharing, Cortana, golf, and guided workouts experiences.

“We’re committed to continuously offering new Microsoft Band experiences that help you achieve your fitness goals, and this month is no exception,” a new blog post from the Microsoft Devices Team reads. (It was cross-posted to the Microsoft Health Blog as well.) “A handful of updates will start rolling out to Microsoft Band users today, and continue over the coming days.”

Here’s what’s new.

Sharing improvements. Microsoft says it has made a few “tweaks” the Band sharing experience, making it easier to share activity summaries via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message. Others will be able to click through the snapshot to a public version of your web dashboard that provides even more information.

Cortana.  U.S.-based Band users can now connect Microsoft Health to Cortana so you can see your Band-based activity progress (steps and calories) with a comparison to the previous day. This works with Windows 10 for PCs/tablets and phones, Android, and iOS. Here’s how you connect Microsoft Health to Cortana.

Golf. The Band’s Golf experience is getting a new Tournament Mode which allows to “play a round while sticking to United States Golf Association rules for competitive play,” meaning that Band will still track your round of play and health activity, but will hide your step count, distance and heart rate.

Guided Workouts. New distance tracking capabilities have been added to running, walking or biking Guided Workouts. And if you train indoors, Band will track your distance with its pedometer instead of GPS.

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