Disney+ Will Offer Four Simultaneous Streams and Free UHD Content

Posted on August 24, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Disney+, Music + Videos with 38 Comments

Disney’s video-streaming service is launching in November, and the company has already revealed a lot of details about the Disney+ streaming service. At D23, Disney revealed more details about the new service, including trailers for some new shows, as well as announcements for some upcoming exclusive shows, mainly from Marvel.

The company also showed off demos of Disney+ at the event, revealing some new details about the service. Eric Vespe, an entertainment reporter, tweeted out some details about Disney+ from the event. According to Vespe, Disney+ will offer four simultaneous streams and 4K/UHD, and Dolby Atmos content. The service will launch with more than 500 films and over 7,000 episodes of TV content.

And that’s a massive deal — at $6.99 a month, being able to stream Disney movies in 4K will be a huge plus-point for Dinsey. On services like Netflix, you have to pay a premium price, which is more than double the price of Disney+, to get 4K content.

Disney+ will also allow users to have up to 7 different profiles per account, compared to Netflix’s five. It will allow users to stream on four different devices simultaneously, and let you download content in up to 10 devices per account for offline viewing.

Vespe does note that Disney+ will lack in terms of R-rated content, but a Disney+ representative said that all of Disney+ content will, at best, be PG-13. Disney will, however, ship most of its original titles with bonus content like deleted scenes, documentaries, etc., which does sound like a pretty solid deal.

Disney+ is increasingly becoming more appealing with every new announcement, especially considering all the shows and movies Disney has already announced for Disney+. For Netflix, there’s some tough competition coming up. And for Apple? Well, I really don’t know about Apple. 

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Comments (38)

38 responses to “Disney+ Will Offer Four Simultaneous Streams and Free UHD Content”

  1. skane2600

    I guess it will depend on the actual content offered. Of the 500 movies I wonder how many titles will be like Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar or Saludos Amigos.

  2. redbreva

    Typo Alert: '... huge plus-point for Dinsey. '

    Better correct that before they get litigious...

  3. Lordbaal

    How about them telling us what TV shows and movies will they have?

  4. zybch

    Its only 'free' UHD content if they offer it without requiring a subscription.

  5. harmjr

    So no Deadpool on Disney+

  6. CaedenV

    I get so flustered with Disney. They hold the industry back with their 'safe' story lines and content. They buy and bury their competition. Their new live-action remakes of their old cartoons have mostly been painful to watch.

    And yet at the same time... I have young kids who do like a lot of their content. This is dirt cheap and high quality, and includes Pixar and Marvel which I will enjoy from time to time. And if I want something edgier then I will simply buy it and throw it on my home server... so ya, we are probably going to get this service.

    Then again, we ditched Netflix and Amazon Prime this last month, and haven't really missed either of them. Maybe we don't need a streaming service?

  7. truerock2

    My kids are grown - so, I don't think we will add Disney to our list of services.

    We have Comcast Xfinity (with HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, etc), NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video.

    Also, we have several hundred DVDs and Blurays with kids entertainment on them - which would be another reason not to get Disney+.

    Adults tend to watch a movie once. Kids will watch a movie over and over and over and over...

    It's really important to monitor children's use of entertainment media - IMHO. Viewing statistics would be a really nice thing to have as part of a kids entertainment service.

  8. truerock2

    On another tangent...

    I would normally never watch anything from Disney - but, with kids, you are going to be forced to watch Disney products whether you want to or not.

    Regardless, I often enjoy watching Disney entertainment media products like Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, etc. - although none of them would compete with the adult entertainment (e.g. Breaking Bad, Americans, Lost, Game of Thrones, etc) that I make time within my schedule to watch.

    I really cannot take more than about 1 minute of a typical Disney "after school" sitcom.

  9. Buzzmodo

    I haven't read all the comments, but I wonder what would be impact on Disney's uptake if they added say all the ESPN channels and say doubled the price? Per a quick Google search I see that Disney owns 80% of ESPN.

  10. Skolvikings

    I'll say it again, no Fire TV support, no Disney+ for my household.

    Btw, this is the second time I've seen someone talk about "D23" with the assumption that I even remotely have a clue what that is...

  11. jhs39

    I'm a little confused because I previously read that Disney+ was going to be bundled with Hulu which does have R rated content. Do the 4 streams mentioned here exclude Hulu or is R-rated content going to be pulled from that service? As far as the great price for Disney+ everyone with any sense knows it won't last long--Netflix streaming started as a completely free bonus for members who rented discs via their mail service. Once Disney+ has subscribers the price will climb dramatically because the Disney marketing department knows parents aren't going to want to tell their crying children they can't have Disney anymore since it's too expensive. That low price for Disney+ is the equivalent of a drug dealer who tells prospective customers the first one's free.

  12. Daekar

    No R-rated content? Where do I sign?

  13. dsamuilov

    Paul, did you hear/read any comments on whether there will be a Disney+ app for Xbox and/or Roku?

  14. Thom77

    They just announced a TV Star Wars series that looks really promising, dark and gritty. I'm actually more interested in that more then I am excited for SW9.

    I will be very curious to see how all this places out between the existing services and Disney and Apple joining the club.

    I am looking at Apples announced shows, and nothing jumps out as must see. This new Star Wars series has my attention though, and 6.99 isnt bad.

  15. Tony Barrett

    Because Disney are very late to the party, it seems they're going in hard to get people to sign up with aggressive pricing. I can't see Netflix responding with price cuts, but Netflix are introducing a lower pricing tier.

    I fully expect, as time goes on and Disney build up the subscribers, the pricing will increase - this is pure introductory pricing. My only other concern is the Disney content. As Disney are perceived as a 'family friendly' company, they might not want to tarnish that with edgier content - I just couldn't for one second see Disney showing something like Amazon's 'The Boys' for example!

  16. dontbeevil

    " And for Apple? Well, I really don’t know about Apple."

    There are many more serious and well established competitors thay you didn't even mention, but of course you care about apple

  17. csteinblock

    I wish they would extend the same standard to hulu when you buy the bundle.

  18. fbman

    I am looking forward to Disney+

    But for me, it will be a longer wait as I am not in one of the launch zones.. but I have read, they intend to be worldwide within 2 years.

    Suppose I could use my VPN to get it at launch.

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