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  • How to Download HD Videos from YouTube

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    While I’m bogged down a bit with my Blu-Ray ripping series—captions are a tough one—here’s another way you can get HD video on your PCs and devices: You can download HD video from YouTube. No, YouTube doesn’t support this directly, but you can do so with a free utility. In fact, there are probably many […]

    How to Rip DVD Videos

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    While the world has clearly moved on to HD video, many of us still have massive DVD collections and would like to make this content available digitally so that it can be enjoyed on mobile devices and streamed to screens around the home via Plex or similar solutions. So here’s how I rip DVD movies and […]

    Thinking About Plex

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    If you stumbled through subsequent generations of Microsoft products like Windows Home Server, Media Center, and Zune as I did, you may be feeling a bit gun-shy about the software giant’s digital media ambitions these days. And it doesn’t help that its current generation solutions—Xbox Music, Xbox Video and so on—are cloud-focused, and thus alienate […]

    Use Your Own Music with Xbox Music

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    While Xbox Music is optimized for a cloud-based music collection that you access from multiple devices, it also lets you import and manage the music you may have acquired previously by ripping audio CDs or from rival music services such as Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Google Play Music and others. The caveat? This only works […]

    Trying to Make the Case for Xbox Video

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    Noting my support of Xbox Music, many have asked me whether I recommend Xbox Video as well. The simple answer is that Microsoft’s TV show and movie service doesn’t really measure up to the competition except in very basic ways. And if you intend to build a digital video collection for some reason, my advice […]

    Find Music Deals

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    Microsoft provides a simple Music Deals app on both Windows and Windows Phone which can be used to find music that is on sale in Xbox Music so you can buy it when it’s available inexpensively. The deals change every week, so you should keep checking back. Note: This article is excerpted from my free […]

    Understanding Xbox Music

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    Xbox Music combines streaming radio, music subscription services and music purchasing options. It simplifies finding, managing and listening to music, no matter which devices you use. But there is one downside: The availability of Xbox Music features varies by device, and requires a subscription service called Xbox Music Pass to take advantage of all of […]

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