Google Assistant Comes to Roku

Posted on October 30, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Music + Videos, Smart Home with 10 Comments

Roku announced that the Google Assistant is now available on its newer living room set-top boxes and smart TVs in the U.S.

“Linking your Google Home app and Roku account allows you to control your Roku device using your Google Assistant devices,” Roku’s Ilya Asnis announced. “You can search for movies and TV shows, control media playback to play, pause, fast forward and more. Additional functionality, such as turning a Roku TV on or off, volume control and switching inputs is available if using a Roku TV.”

Roku first announced that Google Assistant compatibility was coming to “select” Roku devices in late September when it launched its new 2018 lineup of set-top boxes.

But device compatibility looks pretty broad: Roku says that Google Compatibility is available as part of Roku OS 8.1 or above, albeit in the U.S. only. It works with the Roku TV, plus the Roku Express (3700X, 3900X), Roku Express+ (3710X, 3910X), Roku Streaming Stick (3600X, 3800X), Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810X), Roku 2 (4210X), Roku 3 (4200X, 4230X), Roku 4 (4400X), Roku Premiere (3920X,4620X), Roku Premiere+ (3921X,4630X), and Roku Ultra (4640X, 4660X, 4661X).

If you have a Fast TV Start-compatible smart TV, you can also use Google Assistant voice commands to turn on your TV. And those with an HDTV antenna connected to their Roku TV can likewise use voice commands to change channels on their TV tuner.

You can learn more on the Roku website.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Google Assistant Comes to Roku”

  1. m_p_w_84

    am I right that i heard google assistant was coming to Sonos? Lol

  2. dcdevito

    I can't set mine up. I tried adding my Roku in my Google Home app, it launches the auth page but it's just spinning. I do have a custom DNS IP set up on my Roku, perhaps that's the cause? Not sure.

  3. spacein_vader

    Am I right in saying that it won't do it without installing the Google app/channel?

    Don't want it happening by default.

  4. jaredthegeek

    I have a couple of Roku televisions and while the functionality is limited to opening channels it would be great for search as pecking things out on the on screen keyboard is tedious. I think this could be really great when someone, not me, is working out and has one of their TV's in front of them and can just provide voice commands.

  5. bsobotta

    Love my Roku. This makes it even better!

  6. bassoprofundo

    No issues setting it up here... Not sure how much I'll use this, though. I guess it's another "nice to have" option, but I'm not sure I get the point of voice commands for a device that's undoubtedly already filling your viewing space with noise. I can barely get my family to be quiet long enough for me to ask for the weather or to voice dial someone under normal circumstances, let alone with noisy content already playing...

  7. rohanjale

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